Recetario - Recetas de Cocina


The most comprehensive Spanish-language recipe book for Android


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Recetario - Recetas de Cocina (Recipe book – Cooking Recipes) is an online recipe book in Spanish where users can find thousands of recipes of all kinds and share their own with the rest of the app's users.

On Recetario - Recetas de Cocina you'll find over 2,000 preinstalled recipes, which you can see without having to download anything else. You can, however, also access all the community's recipes online, added by over 70,000 users.

The recipes on Recetario - Recetas de Cocina are filtered by the type of preparation they require. Thanks to this you can, for example, look just for recipes which you can do on your Thermomix, or just microwave recipes. You can also, of course, search traditional recipes.

Recetario - Recetas de Cocina is a good cookbook for Android that you can carry with you in your pocket at all times. The best part: you can share your best recipes with the rest of the app's users.
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